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#2 place "sysmocom" name into copper layer (back side) new laforge enhancement blocker
#1 add footprint of 2x5pin 1.27mm pitch SWD connector new laforge enhancement major
#5 implement DFU bootloader in first 16k of flash new laforge task major
#6 implement and test FPGA flashing via sam3u new laforge task major
#8 verify if 80Mhz rate between ADC and FPGA works new laforge task major
#9 USB Claim Interface Error new laforge defect major
#10 gr-osmosdr depends on "hopscotch" version of libosmosdr new laforge defect major
#11 [Patch] gr-osmosdr: Please allow bypassing/forcing detection of optional dependencies new laforge defect major
#3 try to fit 2.5mm audio jack footprint (UART) on back side new laforge enhancement minor
#4 make sure sam3u chip id is present in Usb Serial Number new laforge enhancement minor
#7 connect ADSCK to a DQS capable FPGA pin new laforge enhancement minor
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